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The god of love. In the sense in which he is usually conceived, Eros is the creature of the later Greek poets; and in order to understand the ancients properly we must distinguish three Erotes: viz. Homer does not mention Eros, and Hesiod, the earliest author that mentions him, describes him as the cosmogonic Eros. First, says Hesiod, 1 there was Chaos , then came Gaea , Tartarus , and Eros, the fairest among the gods, who rules over the minds and the council of gods and men. In this account we already perceive a combination of the most ancient with later notions. According to the former, Eros was one of the fundamental causes in the formation of the world, inasmuch as he was the uniting power of love, which brought order and harmony among the conflicting elements of which Chaos consisted.
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Not sure of the spelling? Try entering just the first three or four letters. One of the most popular Gods of all time, ancient legends tell how Eros was born of Chaos and helped Uranus Heaven and Gaia Earth get it together. Their offspring helped to populate the universe and fill the pages of mythology encyclopedias. An irresistibly handsome youth, his bittersweet role is to stir the passions and create desire, no matter how many hearts get broken in the process. To help in this mission, he carries a lethal love weapon — a magic bow. With two strings to his bow, he can fire golden arrows for true love or leaden ones for indifference.
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Well, hello all you young lovers. Isn't it a beautiful day to fall in love? The sun is shining, birds are singing, and there are humans everywhere just waiting to find love. Ah, love; it is such a beautiful thing. You know, not all people are meant to fall in love.
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Psyche was a human princess who married Eros , the god of love. After proving her worth to Aphrodite , she became the Greek goddess of the Human Soul. Psyche was born as the youngest of three daughters to the rulers of a Greek city.
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