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History of The Mosquito The history of Mosquito Ring Tone dates back to when a British inventor by the name of Howard Stapleton came up with an ingenious idea to keep teenagers from loitering outside of shops at night. The idea was meant to drive away teens through ultra high frequency sounds much like how a dog whistle would affect dogs. It was an idea to make the storefront very uncomfortable for the loitering teens while leaving the money spending adult customers unaffected. The product was marketed as an ultrasonic teenager repellent taking advantage of the already well known ultrasonic dog repellent. Park Warehouse — The product blasts a continuous ear-splitting Natural adult hearing loss is particularly acute at higher frequency ranges and most adults can not hear the ultra high frequency ranges after a certain age due to the condition known as Presbycusis.
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High-Frequency Hearing Loss Effects and Causes

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Teens Turn 'Repeller' into Adult-Proof Ringtone : NPR

People with high-frequency hearing loss can't hear sounds in higher frequencies, such as sounds like the letters s, h, and f. This can make it more difficult for you to understand speech. On an audiogram , the frequencies go from low to high frequencies. The definition of high frequency varies. Some experts consider Hertz 2kHz to be high frequency. The high-frequency ranges go from Hertz to Hertz. A high-frequency hearing loss will affect a person's ability to understand speech.
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Silent Sound (Infrasound) Can Make You Physically Ill

There are sound frequencies that only young people can hear. This ear-aging process is called presbycusis, and it can begin as early as This means you are alive. Most people over 18 should not be able to detect this sound.
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Back to Health A to Z. Hyperacusis is when everyday sounds seem much louder than they should. Treatment can help. See a GP if you think you have hyperacusis. You may have hyperacusis if some everyday sounds seem much louder than they should.
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