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AHS files injunction to stop Wood Buffalo’s independent EMS dispatch decision

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Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo council votes to take back EMS dispatch – Red Deer Advocate

Visitors to our country are greeted by images of moose, blue whales, and Canada geese when they step off the plane, and the polar bear, the elk, and the beaver- animals as quintessentially Canadian as ice hockey and maple syrup- keep Her Majesty company on our toonies, quarters, and nickels. Considering our national affinity for the denizens of our great outdoors, many Canucks would be pleased to learn that Canada played a major role in one of the greatest conservation success stories the world has ever seen: the saving from extinction and the re-proliferation of the buffalo. The bison, or American buffalo, is a massive, horned, woolly ruminant native to North America- a descendant of one of the great Pleistocene giants that wandered across the Bering Strait land bridge during the last Ice Age. Today, the bison can be divided into two subspecies: the plains bison Bison bison bison , and the larger, more northerly wood buffalo Bison bison athabascae. Before the 19 th Century, millions of plains bison roamed the grasslands of North America in enormous herds. During such hunting operations, a band would build two long funnel-like drive lanes extending from the edge of the cliff to the open prairie. These drive lanes were composed of hundreds of stone cairns, each built several meters apart from one another, often augmented with dirt, buffalo dung, tree boughs and sagebrush.
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Wood Buffalo National Park Gets Funding To Fight Threats

Not all child cares are open as of today, however, we're working hard to ensure your child can come back to our care safely and will open more child care centres according to community need. You can also visit that page for information on how we're working to keep your family and our staff safe while at YMCA Child Care. Click the link below for more information on when you can expect more child care centres to open and to register for a waitlist. While we are excited to provide a place for you to reach your goals and connect with your community again, the health and safety of our members, employees and volunteers is our most important consideration.
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